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QuickCheck Laboratory Support Program

CEM QuickCheck Laboratory Support is a multi-tiered quality control program designed to assist customers with proper method development for specific products (QuickCheck DEVELOP), quality audits of specific product samples (QuickCheck AUDIT) and optimization of instrument performance (QuickCheck MONITOR).


QuickCheck DEVELOP provides method development for individual customer samples. CEM Applications Specialists are available for method development at the CEM laboratories or for customer location methods development and personnel training. This program ensures that the sample is being tested by the proper technique and the most accurate method to provide the optimum test results.


QuickCheck AUDIT provides a quality audit program of customer samples. Samples are forwarded to the CEM laboratories where they are tested by CEM Applications Specialists, and results are compared to customer results, to long reference techniques and/or other rapid techniques. This program provides the customer with a peace of mind that consistent, accurate test results are obtained.


QuickCheck Monitor provides monitoring programs for instrument performance where control samples are forwarded to customers for testing. Once the sample results are obtained, they can be entered on the CEM Service website to compare with CEM test results as well as other customer results.

By taking advantage of these laboratory support programs, customers can rest assured that the proper method is used and that precise test results are obtained on an instrument that is monitored for optimum operation.


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