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Reconditioned SMART 5's Available

CEM Service has a few reconditioned SMART 5 instruments to be sold on a "first come, first served" basis. Each instrument has been completely reconditioned to manufacturing specifications, and includes a 6-month limited warranty. Additional warranty coverage is available at the time of purchase. Click here to view and get additional information on each of these instruments.


One-Time Use MONITOR Standards Kit

Price: $99.00 (998048 - without certificate) $149.00 (998049 - with certificate)

Verify that your SMART System or LabWave System is getting the right sample results with the QuickCheck MONITOR kit. MONITOR is a control sample for monitoring instrument performance or verifying performance if it is suspect. It assists in detecting faulty or weakened internal system components prior to instrument malfunction. It is also excellent for setting up multiple instruments or for a comparison of results from multiple instruments.

The MONITOR kit contains a set of six control samples. Using a programmed method, the user tests five of the samples and emails results to CEM Service. CEM then evaluates the test results and emails the user a summary of result comparisons with CEM results as well results from other customer. If any results are suspect or if there is any indication of system malfunction, the customer is contacted by a CEM Service Representative to determine any necessary corrective action.


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