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Welcome to CEM Service

CEM Service is committed to providing the highest level of technical support and service to our customers. We measure our success by one standard -- customer satisfaction.

All maintenance and service are performed by technicians trained at the CEM factory and certified through the CEM Service certification process. The experienced network of technical support representatives and service technicians are available for routine maintenance, calibration, and/or repair.


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Products Supported by CEM

(All products listed below are registered trademarks of CEM Corporation)

AirWave MARS 5  
AirWave Workstation MARS  
  MARS 6  
Clean STAR Phoenix  
CoolMate Phoenix AirWave  
Discover/Discover S/Discover SP ProFat SS  
Discover SPD Plus ProFat 2  
Discover SPD80 SAM255  
Explorer SMART  
LabWave 90 SMART Turbo  
Liberty SMART Trac  
Liberty 1 SMART Trac 2  
Liberty Blue STAR Plus  

If your product is not listed, please contact us! If we can get parts, we will service it!


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